• Individually adjustable welding time and vacuum pressure
  • Strong double piston pump
  • Double sealing bar for reliable and positive seal under high vacuum condition (Width: 30 cm)
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CASO FastVac 3000

Fully automatic vacuum system


  • Fully automatic vacuum system to vacuum food : natural storage without preserving agents
  • Fully stainless steel NEW Vacuum strength – adjustable: Ideal for sealing soft or sensitive goods
  • Welding seam up to 30 cm at any length of the vacuum bags and rolls
  • Double sealing bar
  • Strong vaccum pump – 20 litres / min.
  • Recommended for commercial use Fold-out cutter for cutting the foil rolls
  • Pulse Function: Perfect for soft and sensitive food, the intensity of the vacuum adapts automatically to the food conditions and surrounds it safely
  • Marinate function: In combination with a vacuum container you can intensely marinate fish and meat in very short time. By automatically vacuum pulsing the pores are repetitive opened and closed. Thus the marinate pervades the meat especially intensive.
  • Useable with vacuum containers – To preserve soft, delicate food or soups


Item no:
Dimensions (WxHxD):
430x160x290 mm
5,1 kg
220-240V~, 50Hz
180 Watt