Air fryers

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Hot air fryers are a great alternative to conventional fat fryers and also offer you many other preparation options, such as baking and cooking. With our Airfryer fryers, you get crispy and even results, but you save a lot of fat without losing the flavour or aroma of your favourite dishes. Whether it's chips, chicken, vegetables or fish.

What should you look for when buying a hot air fryer?
Think about how big the portions are that you would like to prepare and pay attention to the capacity accordingly. Ideally, the hot air fryer should be compact and have a stylish design so that the appliance fits well in your kitchen. Look at the application options and programmes. In addition to deep-frying, a hot air fryer should also be able to heat, bake, grill and keep warm. Functions such as preheating, defrosting and a timer are also practical. If there is also a suitable recipe book, you can start right away!