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Wine Coolers

Taste is a matter of temperature.


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Whether a light white wine; a refreshing sparkling wine or a full-bodied red – true wine lovers appreciate a perfectly chilled, excellent vintage. With a wide range of wine coolers, CASO Design offers the best possible conditions for an optimum wine experience.

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Bottle Coolers

Ideal to enjoy a cool bottle of wine to the last, perfectly chilled drop.

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Wine Coolers

Discover our wide range of freestanding, under-counter & convertible wine coolers.


Built-in devices

Our built-in wine coolers are stylish, minimalist additions to any home.


Wine coolers by CASO Design - The extensive range

Exclusive wine refrigerators by CASO Design enable passionate wine lovers to get the very best out of top vintages. The compression process with an adjustable temperature regulation system creates an optimum long-term cooling environment for your premium wines. Thanks to their low-vibration compressors and special shock absorbers, these wine cabinets will ensure that your wine has the peace and quiet it needs to age well. Active ventilation circulates air around each temperature zone, maintaining an even temperature throughout the cabinet.

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CASO built-in wine refrigerators - Bring stylish design into your home

CASO Design high-end built-in wine refrigerators provide optimum conditions to store expensive wines and are a stylish addition to any kitchen. The models in the WineDeluxe series have been designed to store from 17 to 96 bottles and for a range of niche heights. Depending on their size, these black wine refrigerators have one or two temperature zones which can be individually regulated using electronic controls (5 – 20°C/ 41 – 68 °F). Active ventilation ensures evenly temperature distribution, while smooth-running compressors guarantee gentle, vibration-free storage. Three-layer insulated glass with a UV filter guarantees optimum protection of the valuable aromas. An LED display shows the temperature in the cooling zone(s); an alarm signals any loss of temperature when the door is open. Perfect. Depending on the model, our built-in wine refrigerators have an integrated smart control system which enables you to control them from almost everywhere using the free CASO control app.


CASO Design Wine & Bar Manager – The free App for all wine lovers

Note: The Wine & Bar Manager app will be discontinued on 01.06.2024 and can then no longer be used. 
In future, we will focus more on the further development of the free CASO Food Manager app and the CASO Control app for smart appliance control. 

Do you have dozens of bottles in your wine cellar or wine refrigerator and no overview? The CASO Wine & Bar Manager will help you to finally catalogue what wines, spirits and drinks you have on hand, including gin, vodka, whisky, cognac, liqueurs or beer. The practical app enables you to archive each bottle before storing it in a pre-defined location (e.g. in a wine refrigerator in the living room/ catering wine refrigerator).

Structure your digital archive according to various criteria, such as type, price, vintage or quantity. If you wish, you can also save your own photos, such as shots of vineyard labels or bottle designs, or create notes which allow you to access key information on wines and drinks whenever you want. So you will always have all the details of your wine and spirits stocks at your fingertips and can check which wines or drinks are available; need to be replaced; are ready to drink or are simply there to be tried. Find out more about the free CASO Design app and its practical features! Ideal for all wine lovers and connoisseurs!

CASO Wine & Bar Manager App

CASO Design Bottle Coolers – For your perfectly chilled favourite wine

Why not spoil yourself and your guests with a perfectly chilled bottle of wine right next to the table? The high-quality “WineCase One” designer bottle cooler enables you to perfectly stage your favourite wine, whether next to the table or on the sideboard. It has a stainless steel housing and will maintain the temperature of a pre-chilled wine bottle at an optimum 5-18°C. The sensor-touch control panel allows you to adjust the temperature in 1°C intervals. Even red wine can be kept at an optimum drinking temperature of between 15 and 18°C when the surrounding temperature is higher, for example when enjoying a relaxed evening BBQ in summer. The CASO “WineCase One” is also a great option for your favourite champagne. It is available in black or stainless steel.

CASO Design Flaschenkühler

Wine Cooler FAQs – Answers to your frequently asked questions

Why is a wine refrigerator the perfect place to store wine?

Unlike a normal refrigerator, a wine refrigerator offers the best conditions for optimum aging of wine, allowing it to develop its individual character. If you are a wine lover, then a wine refrigerator is the best investment you can make for a perfect wine experience.

  • Stable temperature. The secret to good wine storage is a stable temperature. Depending on the model/ volume, our wine cabinets have one or two separate cooling zones, whose temperature can be individually controlled – from 5 to 20°C – for red or white wine. Active ventilation ensures optimum air circulation and a stable, even temperature.
  • No vibrations. Vibrations can damage wine, so they should be avoided. Wine refrigerators have smooth-running compressors which guarantee gentle, vibration-free storage. Their high-quality wooden shelves also absorb any vibrations, ensuring that wine has the peace it needs to age.
  • No UV light. If wine is exposed to UV light over a long period of time, then this can affect its quality and aroma. Our wine cabinets have well-insulated glass doors with three-layer insulated safety glass for UV protection. So your wine’s valuable aromas are perfectly protected. Interior LED lighting can be switched on as required. It does not impact wine quality but does create a pleasant atmosphere.

A wine refrigerator with one or more temperature zones - which model is best?

This depends on your specific requirements. For example, if you want to store a variety of wines (red wine/ white wine), then a wine refrigerator with two cooling zones will probably be your best choice. It will enable you to regulate the temperature in each cooling zone according to your needs. On the other hand, if you only want to store one kind of wine in your wine refrigerator, then a model with a single temperature zone will be sufficient

Are all the storage shelves in the wine refrigerator removable?

Our CASO Design wine refrigerators are fitted with pull-out wooden storage shelves which are removable. This enables you to organise the inside of your wine cabinet however you want, ensuring that there is also space for larger bottles, such as champagne or magnum wine bottles.

Can other drinks be stored and chilled in a wine cooler?

It goes without saying that other drinks such as prosecco, beer, mineral water or lemonade can also be stored and chilled in a wine refrigerator. So you don’t need an extra drinks fridge every time you have a party. Wine refrigerators can also be used to chill champagne or white wine.

What do I need to take into account when installing a wine cooler?

After your wine cooler has been installed in its intended location you should wait at least 24 hours before you connect it to mains power. After delivery the wine refrigerator must be kept stationary and horizontally aligned. When putting bottles into the wine cabinet you should check that the air inside can circulate freely. This will ensure a stable temperature in each cooling zone.

What temperature should wine have?

To ensure an optimum wine experience it should be served at the perfect temperature. The following is an overview of the correct drinking temperatures for a variety of wines:

  • White wine: Semi-sweet & sweet (6-10°C), dry (9-11°C), aromatic & full-bodied (11-13°C), dessert (12-14°C)

  • Rosé wine: (12-14°C)

  • Red wine: Young & fruity (12-14°C), light-bodied (14-16°C), medium-bodied (16-18°C), full-bodied (18°C)

Are all wine coolers built-in models?

Whether a wine cabinet can be built in depends, among other things, on how the heat is discharged. Our wine refrigerators are available as under-counter, built-in or freestanding models and correspondingly identified.

Freestanding or built-in wine cooler?

CASO Design offers both built-in and also freestanding or under-counter wine refrigerators. Wine lovers who want a special, eye-catching style element in their space can choose a freestanding model or, alternatively, select an under-counter option. Under-counter refrigerators have the advantage of blending seamlessly into a run of kitchen cabinets and will fit under any work surface. We also have a wide range of built-in wine refrigerators which are stylish, minimalist additions to any kitchen, providing an extra pop of design. Depending on the size and layout of your space, you may choose a built-in model for your kitchen; a cooler which can be installed in a custom-made unit in your living room or a freestanding refrigerator for your wine cellar.