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The best-selling vacuum sealers in Germany.


Hand-held vacuum sealer

The CASO Design VacuOne Touch - simply outstanding for at home and on the go! In combination with the versatile equipment, the hand-held mobile vacuum sealer is perfectly suited and incredibly space-saving at the same time.



Bar vacuum sealer

The bar vacuum sealer from CASO Design - perfect for everyone! From small to large, from simple use to versatile application: Are you looking for a vacuum sealer? You can find it here!



Gastro vacuum sealer

Particularly powerful, particularly vacuumed! Our professional commercial vacuum packers impress with their extremely high performance and you are also ideally equipped for the highest demands in gastronomy.



Chamber vacuum sealer

A chamber vacuum sealer is often used in professional catering. It is particularly easy to vacuum seal moist and liquid foods (soups, stews, etc.) or large quantities.



All vacuum sealer

Explore the complete range of vacuum sealers from CASO Design. Whether you need a hand-held vacuum sealer for portability, a bar vacuum sealer for versatile use, a powerful gastro vacuum sealer for high demands, or a chamber vacuum sealer for professional catering – we have the perfect solution for you.


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Whether meat, fish, fruits, vegetables or soups, vacuuming preserves valuable flavours, vitamins and minerals in your food.

Which CASO vacuum sealer is right for me?

First of all, you need to ask yourself which foods you mainly want to vacuum and how often you plan to vacuum. Do you want to use the vacuum sealer in your private household or, for example, in your restaurant? The high-quality appliances from CASO Design can be divided into 3 categories.

The bar vacuum sealers offer high performance for private use, the chamber vacuum sealers are particularly suitable for moist and liquid foods and the professional vacuum sealers stand up to the high demands of the catering industry.

What is a vacuum sealer and how does it work?

The appliance extracts air from the bag or vacuum container filled with food and then seals it airtight. By extracting oxygen, the food stays fresh up to 8 times longer and can be refrigerated or frozen. This method is gentle and sustainable and has become indispensable in the modern kitchen.

For vacuuming with the CASO vacuum appliances, we recommend our CASO foil bags, foil rolls and vacuum containers.

Can screw jars, jam jars or preserving jars also be vacuumed?

Of course! To do this, you need a bar vacuum sealer and one of our CASO vacuum canister (item no.1260). The jar with lid is placed in the plastic container and connected to the appliance with the vacuum hose. Then all you have to do is press the Vacuum & Seal or Container button and the process starts. The appliance stops automatically when the vacuum is reached.

Of course, this also works with a chamber vacuum sealer. To do this, simply place the jar with lid in the chamber and start the vacuuming process.

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