CASO Design x RC Sorpesee


Together to success

With the elevation into the 2nd Bundesliga North, the 1st volleyball women's team of RC Sorpesee has written club history. At the same time, the demands for the coming season are growing as a result of this success - both sporting and financially. It´s good to have a reliable partner at your side.

Since almost ten years CASO Design supports the 1st volleyball women's team of the RCS as a main sponsor. "It's simply a great collaboration," explains CEO Peter Braukmann - no wonder, because the two share a common set of values. "Competitive sports stands for quality, dynamics and aesthetics - attributes that can be directly transferred to our brand," says Braukmann. Passionate commitment, full dedication and excellent performance are the main pillars of success for both the athletes and the company.


For more power & fitness

The volleyball players and CASO Design are also a perfect match when it comes to healthy living. Especially for competitive athletes, healthy food is the key. After all, they need to be in top shape to be able to deliver top performance in competitions. With the innovative, intuitive kitchen appliances from CASO Design, food preparation is really easy. For healthy, delicious juice, the Design Slow Juicers are ideal, because they juice fruit, vegetables and herbs particularly gently and carefully, so that valuable vitamins and nutrients are preserved. Healthy cooking is also a question of preparation. Whether, for example, gentle cooking, roasting, grilling or baking, whether steaming, sous-vide or deep-frying without fat: CASO Design offers a wide range of high-quality appliances for every requirement, with which food can be cooked healthily and deliciously - and very easily and quickly. By the way: For a flexible meal planning, the vacuum sealers are a great tip, because vacuumed food stays fresh up to 8 times longer, and that all natural, without preservatives.

Always on the ball 

In the future, CASO Design will continue to support the volleyball players actively on their sporting path - so that the success story will continue. "We are proud to be the main sponsor of RC Sorpesee. From the very beginning, it has been fun to stand by the side of the team, and the longer we are involved, the more fun it is," explains Peter Braukmann enthusiastically, because the fever for the second league has caught him as well. "It's going to be more exciting than ever! We're keeping our fingers crossed for all the players and fans and wish them an exciting and successful season!"