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CASO Design - Innovative kitchen technology


Strong functions, aesthetic forms and ideas which are simply good

CASO Design is one of the first brands to address the fusion of kitchens with daily living spaces through mobile appliances. Family-owned company CASO GmbH has been developing and selling innovative, intelligent kitchen technology under the CASO Design brand since 2003. From the outset, founders Peter and Bernd Braukmann, who are from Arnsberg in Germany’s Sauerland region, have continuously developed the basic idea of mobile kitchen appliances. They have made it their mission to design products which are easier to use and perform better thanks to powerful functions, aesthetic forms and ideas which are simply good.


CASO is over 20 years old

It all began with a frying pan for parties; the breakthrough came with mobile induction hobs and designer microwaves. Today CASO Design offers a diverse range of products covering over 200 high-quality items for domestic households and professional kitchens. They include high-quality appliances for all cooking methods, such as modern induction cooking, frying, baking, grilling, steam cooking or sous-vide cooking. This ensures that anyone can produce optimum food and enjoy the results to the full. For even more user convenience, CASO offers free apps which can be used to control a range of appliances from almost everywhere. For several years now, CASO Design has been a market leader in the mobile induction hob, vacuum sealer and wine cabinet product segments. The company is also expanding its product lines, for example to include coffee-making equipment as well as thermic and motor-driven kitchen appliances.


From the beginnings up until today

The current corporate group has developed from the commercial sales agency registered by Emil Braukmann under B 35 on 1 October 1952. The subsequent founding of CASO GmbH in 2003 drew on decades of know-how to create the new CASO Germany brand. In 2016 the brand was relaunched under the label CASO Design. Ever since CASO began its own market activities, the company has placed great value on offering products for the cooking, enjoyment and lifestyle segments which deliver maximum benefit to both domestic and commercial users. Numerous consumer test magazines regularly confirm the outstanding quality of the company’s products. In addition to this, in 2019 an independent jury awarded CASO Design the title of “Brand of the Century” in recognition of its role as a leading manufacturer of wine refrigerators. The “Deutsche Standards – Marken des Jahrhunderts” book (German standards – Brands of the century, published by ZEIT Verlagsgruppe) honours companies which shape Germany’s economy.


History of CASO Design:


Made in the Sauerland region, available around the world

CASO Design’s home base is located in the Sauerland region, where around 110 employees work at various sites. From here, CASO today exports to some 30 countries worldwide, including Vietnam and Korea, Dubai, Egypt, Israel and Scandinavia, Turkey, the UK and the USA. Whether Europe, Asia, America or Africa, the growing volume of exports is further confirmation of the brand’s high level of acceptance in other countries and cultures. CASO Design focuses on lifestyle products for connoisseurs who want to prepare high-quality food which tastes as good as possible.


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