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Tips for perfect wine storage 


Whether a glass of light white wine on the patio on a balmy summer evening or a full-bodied red wine in front of a crackling open fire, true wine lovers always aim to get the very best out of premium vintages. To ensure perfect enjoyment of your wine it is crucial that you store it under the correct conditions.

Wine connoisseurs should pay attention to the following when storing their wines:


Ideal storage temperature

Wines should be stored in a dark, cool, dry place. A temperature of around 12 to 13 degrees Celsius is considered to be best. If stored at room temperature, wine will age more quickly than it should, affecting its taste. Most wines can cope with an ambient temperature of up to 18 degrees Celsius. Maintaining a consistent temperature is, however, more important than achieving a precise temperature.CASO wine coolers are the perfect answer for wine lovers, keeping wine safe. Depending on the model, these wine cabinets have one or two separate cooling zones, whose temperature can be individually controlled – from 5 to 20°C – for red or white wine. This creates an optimum long-term cooling environment for premium wines. Active ventilation circulates air around each temperature zone, maintaining an even temperature throughout the cabinet. So, the best conditions for optimum aging of wine, allowing it to develop its individual character!


The right storage location

To achieve or maintain its optimum quality, wine must be stored at an even temperature. So, wine lovers with a cool cellar obviously have an advantage. An alternative to storing wine in warm rooms during the summer is to temporarily keep them in a normal refrigerator. The very best option is, however, to use a wine refrigerator which will keep wine at a perfect temperature in the long term. Some wine refrigerators have several cooling zones, allowing each type of wine to be served at its ideal temperature. Wine bottles which are sealed with a natural cork should always be stored lying horizontally. This ensures that the cork stays moist, thus creating a perfect seal. If the cork dries out, then it will become porous and allow air to get into the bottle. The result? Over time the wine will go off and become undrinkable. In contrast, wine bottles with screw tops or plastic corks can also be stored upright.


Optimum aging

Obviously you will want to open a bottle of wine when it is perfect for drinking. It is often said that wine improves with age. In reality this only applies to one in ten wines at most. Normally, only premium, correspondingly expensive vintages can be laid down for several years until they mature to their peak. For all other wines the general rule is that the best time to drink them is when they are young. In other words, at the latest one or two years after they have been laid down. Following this their taste will begin to deteriorate.


The perfect temperature to enjoy wine

There is a persistent myth that red wine should be drunk at room temperature. Modern rooms are, however, generally so warm that they have a temperature in excess of 20 degrees Celsius even in winter. To enjoy a perfect red wine you should therefore serve it lightly chilled. Experts agree that 18 degrees is the perfect temperature for premium wines, while all others should be drunk at around 16 degrees. The correct temperature for white wine is 10 to 12 degrees, depending on its age and character.

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