• Double sealing bar for reliable and positive seal under high vacuum condition (Width: 30 cm)
  • Powerful and fast professional vacuum pump - 77 L / min
  • Maximum bag size (WxHxD): 300x110x310 mm
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CASO VacuChef 77

Professional chamber vacuum


  • Fully automatic vacuum system for vacuuming your food
  • Natural storing without preservatives
  • Food will remain up to 8x fresher when vacuumed
  • Compact industry vacuum device with compartment, nearly 100 % vacuum
  • Stainless steel housing and chamber
  • Secure vacuuming and sealing of moist and liquid food, since the vacuum bags can be fixed in the vacuum chamber with a clamp
  • Double weld seam (2 x 2,5 mm) – width: 29 cm
  • Suitable for vacuum bags up to a wigth of 30 cm
  • Strong, quick professional vacuum pump - 77 litres/minute - 4,5 m³/h
  • Outside the unit, vacuuming and welding of structural bags or vacuum rolls is possible, e.g. larger foodstuffs
  • Manual pressure display Closed vacuum compartment with curved and transparent perspex lid
  • Digital process display of vacuum function and seal function
  • Adjustable vacuuming time and sealing time


Item no:
Dimensions (WxHxD):
360x360x430 mm
24 kg
Vacuum chamber:
300x110x350 mm
220-240V~, 50Hz
630 Watt

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