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More aroma, more taste

Whether with herbs or spices; Asian or Mediterranean; classic or exotic, marinades can elevate meat, fish, vegetables and tofu, making all the culinary difference. In times gone by, marinades were used to preserve food, but today their main purpose is to give recipes an individual taste. They also enhance the aroma of ingredients and often make meat juicier and more tender.




Why marinate food?

Combining herbs and spices with oil allows them to develop their optimum aroma and allows them to be distributed more evenly. Marination also helps seasonings to penetrate ingredients more deeply, making them more aromatic.  In addition to this, the acidic elements which are often included in marinades make meat juicier and more tender. In contrast, marinades for fish should be as low in acidity as possible to ensure that the delicate flesh doesn’t become too mushy and fall apart during cooking.


How long must things be marinated?

The marination process no longer has to take hours or even days. With the help of a CASO Design vacuum sealer, meat, fish and other items can be easily marinated in just a few minutes. Thanks to the negative pressure created during the vacuuming process, the ingredients take on aromas much faster and more intensively. So you no longer have to wait for hours. The perfect solution if you decide spontaneously to have a barbecue.


How it works. Marinate meat, fish, vegetables or tofu super fast 

The main ingredient plus all the items for the marinade are placed in a vacuum bag or container and then vacuum sealed. CASO Design offers a wide range of vacuum sealers for all needs. For example, the vauum sealer VRH 690 advanced, which was rated the best appliance tested by Haus & Garten Test, winning a “very good”, has an special marination function to marinate food in a vacuum container. It removes air from the container and automatically replaces it when vacuum process has been completed. Time and pressure regulation options also allow the user to manually control the vacuum sealing process when using a vacuum bag for marination. They prevent liquid from being sucked into the appliance or out of the bag. The marinade penetrates deep into the product in a just a few minutes, after which it can be grilled or cooked in a sous vide water bath.

Recipe idea: Beer and mustard marinade

Use the marination function for perfectly marinated meat in just a few minutes and without any fuss or bother! How about pork shoulder steaks in a tasty beer and mustard marinade? ️



  • 4 steaks (e.g. 300 g salmon fillet)
  • 75 g grainy mustard
  • 20 g honey
  • 300 ml pale ale
  • 1cl. bunch marjoram, roughly picked
  • salt, pepper from the mill 

Here´s how it´s done: 

  1. Mix the mustard with honey and pale ale. Place the marjoram in the marinade and then add the steaks.
  2. Vacuum seal everything in a bag or glass container and leave to marinate for approx. 2 hours. (Tip: This will only take approx. 20 minutes if you use the marination function.)
  3. Shake the marinade off the steaks and pat dry with kitchen paper. Cook on a barbecue over a high heat, before reducing to medium heat and cooking each side approx. 3 - 5 minutes depending on how thick the steaks are.
  4. Stir briefly, season with coarse salt and freshly milled pepper and serve immediately.