Tips for your perfect barbecue 

BBQ Cooler from CASO Design: cool drinks always to hand


Ideal for covered terraces, outdoor kitchens & party rooms

Well-chilled drinks are essential for a successful barbecue. With the BBQ coolers from CASO Design, perfectly chilled drinks are always to hand and are also perfectly presented.

The barbecue fridges are ideal for covered terraces or outdoor kitchens and offer plenty of space for drinks and snacks. Six temperature levels can be set to cool drinks between approx. 2 - 14 °C as required. The designer fridges with high-quality stainless steel housing are available in three different sizes: S, M and L with an interior volume of approx. 63, 125 and 190 l respectively. In size S, the cool companion is also available in a high-quality, black stainless steel housing. Practical: thanks to the glass panel, you can keep an eye on your drinks at all times without having to open the door. The high-quality glass and the door with self-closing mechanism also contribute to reliable cooling.


„Counter & Cool“

Whether in the party cellar, on the covered terrace or in the (outdoor) kitchen: the BBQ Cooler can be used as required and is also ideally suited as a built-in appliance. In the "Counter & Cool" version, the BBQ Cooler is integrated into a stainless steel trolley with side shelves and drawers. This is doubly practical: the barbecue refrigerator can be easily rolled to any desired location, only a power connection is required. The additional work surface is perfect for mixing delicious cocktails or quickly preparing a few barbecue skewers. Useful utensils such as bottle openers, barbecue cutlery etc. can be stored in the self-closing drawer. 


Whether for the party room or the covered terrace: with the BBQ coolers from CASO Design, you always have perfectly chilled drinks to hand.

How about a few ice cubes for your barbecue?

Summer, sun and that vacation feeling: the best time of year also includes well-chilled drinks. With the high-quality ice cube maker from CASO Design, refreshing drinks can be prepared in no time at all. 

Simply fill with water, wait a few minutes and the first ice cubes are ready. The ice cube makers only need 6 to 13 minutes to prepare ice cubes quickly - perfect if you fancy a quick cool-down or if you have guests arriving spontaneously. Around 12 kilos can be made in 24 hours. Depending on the model, 1 - 2 ice cube sizes are possible. You can always keep an eye on the status of the ice cubes via the viewing window.  
With their professional compressor technology and high-quality insulation, the designer ice cube makers are the perfect helpers when it comes to preparing cool drinks.

Marinating for better aroma and taste

Give your dishes a personal touch with marinades and enhance the flavor of meat, fish, vegetables and tofu. Formerly a means of preserving food, marinades are now primarily used to develop individual flavors and make your dishes unmistakable. Thanks to this technique, food not only becomes more aromatic, but also more tender and juicy.




Why marinating is so effective

The combination of oil, spices and herbs allows the flavors to develop optimally and spread evenly. The marinade penetrates deep into the food, making it richer in flavor. The acid contained in the marinade also makes meat juicier and more tender, but care should be taken with fish to ensure that the marinade is not too acidic so as not to destroy the tender meat.


Marinating time is reduced enormously

The days of marinating for hours are over! With a vacuum sealer from CASO Design, you can marinate meat, fish and more perfectly in just a few minutes. The vacuum created during vacuuming means that the flavors are absorbed much faster and more intensively by the food. No more annoying waiting, ideal for spontaneous barbecues.


It's that simple: Express marinating for maximum enjoyment

Fill all the ingredients for the marinade together with the food into a vacuum bag or container and vacuum seal them. CASO Design offers a variety of vacuum sealers for every need, including the award-winning VRH 690 advanced vacuum sealer with a special marinating function for vacuum containers. Thanks to time and pressure regulation, you can control the vacuum process manually and prevent liquids from being sucked in. In just a few minutes, the marinade is perfectly absorbed, ready for grilling or sous-vide cooking.

Recipe idea: Beer and mustard marinade

Perfectly marinated meat in just a few minutes with the marinating function! How about pork neck in a delicious beer and mustard marinade? 



  • 4 steaks (e.g. 300 g salmon fillet)
  • 75 g grainy mustard
  • 20 g honey
  • 300 ml Altbier
  • 1 small bunch of marjoram, roughly plucked 
  • Salt, ground pepper 

And this is how it's made: 

  1. Mix the mustard with the honey and Altbier. Place the marjoram in the marinade and add the steaks.
  2. Vacuum in a vacuum bag or glass jar (tip: this only takes about 20 minutes if you use the marinating function).
  3. Drain the steaks and pat dry with kitchen paper. Cook on the grill, first over a high heat, then over a medium heat for approx. 3-5 minutes on each side, depending on the thickness.
  4. Allow to rest briefly, season with coarse salt and freshly ground pepper and serve immediately.

With these products you will succeed in barbecuing


CASO BBQ Cooler Black S-L

Beverage cooler small
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CASO IceChef Pro

Design ice cube machine
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IceMaster Ecostyle

Ice cube maker - Stainless steel
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CASO VRH 790 advanced Pro

Vacuum system
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CASO VRH 690 advanced

Vacuum system
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