High convection for cakes and pastries, steam cooking for vitamin-rich vegetables or a grill for a crispy roast chicken? The CASO Design microwaves, ovens and fryers have different technical functions, ensuring the right cooking method can be chosen for every idea.

Steam cooking

Gently cooked ensuring you can savour hearty and vitamin-rich meals.

  • Modern steam cooker with touch control for vitamin-rich and hearty dishes
  • Particularly gentle preparation

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State-of-the-art compact ovens with a touch operation function and a comprehensive range of accessories

  • 5 x functions for the perfect method of preparation
  • Enjoyment baking pizza, cakes and extending to grilled chicken

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Hot fryers for delicious snacks & more

  • High-speed permanent convection function
  • Low fat function

A sample recipe can be found here

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Microwaves & more

The CASO Design multifunction devices with many cooking devices and intuitive operation.

  • Modern microwave technology for uniform cooking
  • Hot air function for baking
  • Grill function

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Electric grill

For the cooking of various goods such as meat, fish, etc.

  • Electric grill
  • Electric grill - Gastro

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