Camping with CASO Design

Practical kitchen equipment for camping and outdoors



Are you ready for the camping and outdoor season?

Whether camping or glamping, CASO Design offers practical equipment for greater enjoyment, flexibility and freedom in your camping/ outdoor kitchen. Discover our compact companions for motor homes, caravans, etc.


Fresh and tasty for longer

The CASO Design Vacu OneTouch hand-held vacuum sealer is a flexible option for keeping expensive food items fresher for up to 8 times longer. Completely naturally and without preservatives. The cordless appliance can be used to vacuum seal sustainable glass vacuum containers or reusable Vacu ZIP bags quickly and easily using just one hand. Ensuring that valuable aromas, vitamins and minerals are not lost. In combination with the “WineLock” vacuum bottle sealer, the Vacu OneTouch can also be used to securely re-seal wine, oil or vinegar bottles so that their aroma is preserved. When fully charged (using the USB charger), this compact hand-held vacuum sealer can be used for up to 150 minutes and for almost any purpose. After use it can be stored in a drawer, saving space.


The perfect start to your day

What better way is there to start your camping day than a cup of good coffee? The Coffee Compact electronic designer coffee maker is the ideal choice, living up to its name. This compact appliance with integrated grinder is small enough to fit in any campervan and makes up to four cups of freshly ground coffee. It can also be used with pre-ground coffee. The permanent filter delivers added value, as you will never have to buy, store or dispose of paper filters. Cleaning the machine is also child’s play thanks to the removable brewing unit and grinder.




Ideal with induction

No compromises when it comes to taste or enjoying the cooking process. The Maitre 3500 mobile double induction hob is perfect for camping. A standard plug socket is all you need to get started. The test and energy efficiency winner (ETM Testmagazin 11/2022) is particularly fast and powerful, with smart controls for precise cooking. 12 power and temperature levels allow the user to make minute adjustments to the required temperature. In addition to this, the slim-line Maitre 3500 can be easily stored in a cupboard after use.

Note: Please check the maximum wattage offered by your campsite operator in advance.


Fancy some yummy sides, dips and more?

Say goodbye to annoying cable tangles. The Chop & Go allows you to mix, chop and blitz ingredients wherever you are! The cordless multi-chopper can be used anywhere to chop vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, nuts and much more besides quickly and easily. The emulsifying disk is perfect for whisking and stirring liquids, such as cream, dips or dressings. The Chop & Go is easy to use; has a long-lasting rechargeable battery for up to 60 minutes’ operation time and can be charged using a USB-C charger (included). The perfect choice when travelling!