Summery freshness for your home

Everything you need for the barbecue and outdoor season


CASO VacuBoxx Eco-Set

Stackable glass vacuum container set with plastic lid
€ 39.99*


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CASO vacuum freshness container round - set of 4

High quality glass design vacuum containers with tritan lid
€ 67.99*


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FW 2000 Mincer - BEEF!-Edition

Powerful motor - Durable housing
€ 169.99*


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CASO DG 2000

Double contact grill
€ 189.99*


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IceMaster Ecostyle

Ice cube maker - Stainless steel
€ 159.99*


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CASO Barbecue Cooler (R)

Beverage cooler
€ 599.00*


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For a true taste sensation

Equipped with a marinating function, the CASO VRH 690 advanced is the perfect choice for adding a fresh marinade of delicious oils and spices to meat, fish or vegetables yourself in minutes. The resulting vacuum allows delicious flavours to be absorbed more quickly and intensively by the meat.

Leftover grilled meat and vegetables can be stored easily and safely with our vacuum appliances, the matching vacuum containers and foil bags.

Cool, sharp, strong

In cooperation with BEEF!, CASO Design has a meat grinder in its range that is made for men. What are the advantages of a meat grinder? Instead of buying ready-made minced meat for a culinary burger, it's quick and easy to do it yourself. The powerful motor grinds two kilos of minced meat per minute. The CASO FW2000 BEEF! Edition meat grinder is a powerful helper for the perfect meat.

Surprise visitors, or simply not much time?

The CASO DG 2000 double contact grill is ideal for quick grilling projects directly in the kitchen, on the terrace or balcony. Equipped with top and bottom heat, the 2000 watt powerful electric grill creates a variety of delicacies such as homemade burger patties, fresh fish, crisp vegetables or juicy steaks. After use, the grill plates can be removed for easy cleaning and also placed in the dishwasher.

A barbecue cooler is quite handy by itself

It becomes even more practical when the cooler is integrated into a trolley with stainless steel side shelves and drawer. The additional work surface is also perfect for mixing delicious cocktails or quickly preparing a few barbecue skewers. Bottle openers, barbecue utensils and other utensils quickly find a place in the self-closing drawer.

Cool drinks are a must at a barbecue and are always ready to hand. So that the cool drinks can also be served cool and refreshing in summer, the CASO IceMaster Ecostyle prepares ice cubes in no time at all. The ice cube maker produces a whole 12 kg of ice cubes in just 24 hours.

More barbecue recommendations


CASO SV 1200 Smart

Sous Vide stick
€ 109.99*


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CASO HB 2400 Pro XL

€ 109.99*


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2 in 1 design ice cream and yogurt maker with compressor technology
€ 349.99*


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CASO B1800

Powerful Design Blender
€ 139.99*


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CASO Kitchen EcoMaster

Highly accurate, environment-friendly kitchen weighing scales
€ 24.99*


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Fillet of beef with antipasti salad, papas aragudas and chimmichurri

1. portion and vacuum seal the beef fillet
2. sous-vide-cook at 52-56 °C for at least 1 hour, depending on the desired degree of cooking (52 °C is medium-rare, 54 °C is medium, 56 °C is medium-well)


Chimmichurri is probably the most famous steak sauce from South America and is made from fresh herbs. This is best prepared a few days in advance. There are many recipes for this. But we would like to present you a variation. Chop all herbs finely with a knife or put them into a multi chopper, such as CASO UZ 200/400. Then chop the chili, shallots and garlic very finely and mix together with the herbs, oil, vinegar and lime juice. Additionally, salt and pepper can be used to season the chimmichurri.

Papas Aragudas

The favorite dish of the Canary Islands, here for lack of drinking water the potatoes are cooked in sea water. This creates a kind of salt crust around the potato. The salt crust should not be eaten because of the high salt content.
To speed up the preparation, we show you how to prepare the whole thing with the microwave.
Put the potatoes in a microwaveable bowl and cover the potatoes with water. Put the microwave on the highest setting and let the potatoes cook for 10 minutes. Put about 100 ml of water with half a handful of salt in a pot and boil the water and let it evaporate slightly until the first salt crystals form. Now you can toss in the cooked potatoes. As soon as the pellet is wetted with the brine, the potatoes are ready to serve.

Antipasti salad

Here we have prepared a salad of tomatoes, red onions, artichoke hearts and pickled peppers. However, depending on your taste, you can serve your own favorites of antipasti.

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