Vacuum rolls 20x600 cm, 2 pieces

Foil rolls for your vacuum system
€ 12.99
incl. VAT and plus shipping costs
Germany: € 6.90
Belgium, Netherlands: € 19.90 other countries: € 9.90

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  • Material thickness 150 µm: Particularly strong and tear-resistant - even with sharp objects, such as bones or bones
  • Stable rib structure: 100% aroma-proof
  • Protection against freezer burn
  • Microwaveable (up to 70 °C or 8 min at 950 watts)
  • Dishwasher safe and reusable
  • Sous Vide suitable: Cook-proof up to 100 °C for max. 8 hours

Suitable for all CASO Design beam vacuumers and for the brands FreshVAC, WMF, Rommelsbacher, LAICA, Gastroback, Foodsaver, Solis, Steba, Lava, Ohmex, Flaem Nuova and many more

Item no:
Dimensions (BxL cm):
Made of food-safe, multi-layer material (PA / PE)
Material thickness (μm):
Suitable for SousVide:
yes (cook-proof up to 100°C for 8 hrs)
Suitable for microwaves:
yes (max. 70°C)
Dishwasher safe:

CASO 6 star professional film rolls 20x600 cm, 2 pieces, 150 μm - Highlights:

  • Sturdy ribbed structure film for 100% impermeability and protection against freezer burn
  • Material thickness of 150 µm for maximum robustness and versatility
  • Microwave-safe up to 70°C or 8 minutes at 950 watts
  • Dishwasher-safe and reusable for sustainable use
  • Suitable for sous vide: Boil-proof up to 100°C for up to 8 hours

Freshness and quality you can feel:

Experience the premium quality of CASO professional film rolls, with a material thickness of 150 µm, developed to keep your food fresh for longer. These rolls are particularly strong and tear-resistant, even with coarse contents, thanks to their stable ribbed structure, which ensures a 100% seal. Organize your stock effortlessly with the practical stickers and use them in all CASO vacuum sealers as well as many other brands. Protect your food from freezer burn and extend its shelf life eightfold - for conscious, sustainable nutrition.

What's more, CASO professional film rolls are microwave-safe up to 70°C, dishwasher-safe and reusable, which is not only good for the environment but also cost-efficient. They offer a reliable solution for storing food in vacuum packaging with the highest quality and safety.


Suitable for all CASO vacuum sealers and for the brands FreshVAC, WMF, Rommelsbacher, LAICA, Gastroback, Foodsaver, Solis, Steba, Lava, Ohmex, Flaem Nuova and many more.


Also available: CASO Food Manager Sticker - intelligent vacuuming with CASO (not included)

CASO films offer more than just freshness. Compatible with CASO vacuum sealers and many other brands, they not only guarantee protection against freezer burn, but also a longer shelf life for food. As well as being reusable, they are also suitable for sous-vide and boil-proof up to 100 °C for a maximum of 8 hours. Use the Food Manager stickers for easy organization and storage. With the CASO Food Manager app, you can always keep track of your supplies - for less food waste and maximum freshness.