November 2023 ∣ Press release

VRH 790 advanced Pro: perfect for liquid food


Reliable vacuum sealing of soups, stocks, etc. – with the VRH 790 advanced Pro

Vacuum sealed food items stay fresher for up to 8 times longer. Completely naturally and without preservatives. Valuable aromas, vitamins and minerals are preserved. A further advantage is that raw or cooked food can be saved in individual portions as required. Anyone who has ever tried to vacuum seal liquids like soup or sauces will, however, be familiar with the problem.
A conventional vacuum sealer always sucks in some of the liquid too. This can cause severe damage to the device. The solution? CASO Design’s new VRH 790 Advanced Pro, with its patented CASOTEK® Liquid function. 

Thanks to the “Liquid Stop” the vacuum sealing process ends before liquids can be sucked in. Perfect for sealing of liquid or moist food items with a 100 % aroma barrier. Optimum vacuum sealing of larger quantities of food is also possible, as the high-quality designer vacuum sealer with stainless steel housing can easily seal up to 200 bags non-stop. This makes the VRH 790 advanced Pro sealer perfect for ambitious amateur chefs, hunters and fishermen as well as also for use in small professional kitchens.


Wide range of accessories

The wide range of accessories includes two vacuum rolls and ten innovative, practical stand-up vacuum bags which are a great solution for vacuum sealing liquids. In addition to a vacuum hose to seal suitable containers, the device also comes with practical Food Manager stickers. 
CASO Design also offers the free Food Manager app for iOS and Android as an aid to optimum storage and efficient use-by planning. Meat, fish, vegetables or cooked items can be easily saved in the app or shared with family members. Food can be managed by simply taking photographs, with freezer-proof QR code stickers providing even more options. The app has a configurable reminder function to inform you which store cupboard items need to be used just before their use-by date expires. #savefood




CASO VRH 790 advanced Pro

Vacuum system
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Available again from the beginning of August 2024.