28. October 2022 ∣ Press release

Ideas for gifts that are good for the environment

Get inspired by the sustainable and energy-saving kitchen appliances from CASO Design and discover how you can make life in the kitchen easier and more efficient.


Turbo hot water dispenser HW 660 - for a tasty fruit punch, a fresh hot lemon or a soothing tea

The CASO Design Turbo Hot Water Dispenser HW 660 provides hot water within seconds in the exact amount and temperature you want. This kettle saves water and up to 50% energy compared to a conventional kettle. With a temperature range of 40-100 °C in 10 °C steps, it's perfect for all tea lovers.

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The Kitchen EcoMaster is perfect for the Christmas bakery

All ingredients are weighed without batteries with the Kitchen Scale Kitchen EcoMaster. By turning the Energy-Wheel, energy is produced for up to three minutes. The amount of energy produced is 1 g per turn, up to a maximum of 5 kg. The space-saving kitchen scale is always ready for use and switches off automatically after a few seconds of inactivity.

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Keep your food fresh for a longer time with Versatile Vacuum Systems

All natural and without preservatives, food stays fresh up to 8 times longer after being vacuumed. The required foil bags are BPA-free and food safe. They are also reusable. You can just put them in the dishwasher to clean them.

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Induction FonDue is the perfect choice for an enjoyable evening

With the CASO Design FonDue-Set up to 8 people can enjoy an oil, broth or cheese fondue at the same time. Thanks to induction technology, the heating is very even and fast, and there are no open flames at the table – which is very safe and clean. It is available in either black or white.

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The Induction hob TC 2400 is fast, secure and energy-efficient

Frying and cooking with the TC 2400 is accurate to 1 C thanks to the precise ThermoControl thermometer. The temperature can be set from 40 to 160 degrees Celsius. This is ideal for sous vide, keeping food hot, or accurately roasting meat and fish through a core temperature sensor. The CASO Design induction hob can be used as an extra hob or as an addition to a conventional cook top. Thanks to its rapid heating, this approach is fast, safe, and also energy-efficient.


AirFry Chef 1700 - baking & frying with a crispy outside and a tender inside

The AirFry Chef 1700 has over 12 automatic programs, plenty of functions, and countless included accessories. With all of these options, the AirFry Chef 1700 can make delicious meals and snacks with less fat. The modern design AirFryer with 22 litres interior volume is immediately ready to start without heating up, and it saves energy and cooking time compared to a conventional oven.

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A good glass of wine completes the festive menu…


WineExklusive Smart - high-quality wine coolers in a falstaff special edition 

Two separate temperature zones, each ranging from 5-20 °C, allow red and white wines to be stored at the same time. A very even temperature is ensured by active fans per zone. The high-quality wine coolers available in five different sizes (24, 38, 66, 126 or 180 bottles) operate with smooth compressors and vibration reducing feet. The wine fridges can be controlled via Wi-Fi smart control from almost anywhere using the CASO app. The Falstaff Special Edition, which stands out due to its black design, elegant glass front, and black square handle, is the perfect equipment for those with the highest demands.

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WineCase One: a perfectly chilled bottle of wine right by the table

The WineCase One from CASO Design has a bottle cooler that can be used to keep wine at optimal drinking temperature. Your favourite wine is well staged at the same time. The temperature can be adjusted between 5 and 18 °C in 1 °C increments using the sensor-touch control panel. Even red wine is best served at a temperature of 15-18 °C. There is a place in the CASO Wine Case One for sparkling wine, champagne, soda and co. The device is available in silver or black.    

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