Healthy and full of vitality with fresh juices

Fruit and vegetables contain a lot of valuable nutrients which are completely retained when you extract the juice from them yourself. The enzymes contained there for instance form the spark plugs for a vital metabolism for the processing of vitamins and minerals. In the industrial production of juice, these nutrients are greatly reduced due to the fact cold and heat act on the products during their processing.

Versatile & a joy to use

Using a CASO juicer your imagination knows no bounds so you can enjoy vital and healthy drinks every day: You can process many types of fruits and vegetables to create a delicious drink: Power drinks, diet drinks, breakfast juice, smoothies and much more besides!

Electric citrus juicer

  • Suitable for all types of citrus fruits
  • Oranges, limes, grapefruits, etc.

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Slow-Juice Technology
When SlowJuice appliances extract the juice, the juice is prepared much more gently and the juice yield is optimised.

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