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If you want to vacuum seal game and fish to a professional standard, you can’t do without CASO Design’s high-quality vacuum sealers. Vacuum packaging offers a large number of advantages


Longer food shelf life

When properly vacuumed, meat is preserved longer without losing its flavour – and of course without using any preservatives. Thanks to the air’s having been extracted, your valuable game or fresh catch will stay fresh up to 8 times longer. Whether you favour high-quality bar vacuum machines or professional chamber vacuum ones like the VacuChef 70, CASO Design offers a wide range of vacuuming equipment to meet every requirement. With the new VRH 790 Advanced vacuum sealer, even liquids such as stocks and soups can be safely vacuumed, because the patented CASOTEK® Liquid function stops the vacuuming process in time so that no liquid can be sucked in – perfect for fresh fish and game.



Portioning made easy

Another advantage of vacuuming is that meat and fish, whether fresh or already cooked, can be divided into individual portions. In this way, meat or fish can be vacuum sealed and stored in portion sizes. This facilitates both preparation and consumption and at the same time minimises food waste.

The vacuumed portions are stored in the refrigerator or freezer. An added bonus is that the airtight seal protects the precious content from freezer burn, which can otherwise occur due to contact with air during freezer storage. In addition, vacuum-packed food takes up less space because the air is extracted and the packages are more compact as a result. This is particularly useful for hunters and anglers who frequently need to store large quantities of game or fish.



Marinate & Sous Vide 

If you want the perfect taste experience, you can marinate meat and fish in just a few minutes. The vacuum that is created allows the flavours to be absorbed more quickly and intensively. What is more, airtight sealed meat, fish and the like can be cooked perfectly sous vide – with the compliments of your Michelin-starred cuisine!



CASO Design offers an exceptionally wide range of premium accessories for vacuuming – because if you want to keep everything fresh and tightly sealed, the quality of the accessories is particularly important. CASO professional films are boil-proof and tear-proof. They have a ribbed structure and a material thickness of around 150 µm, guaranteeing an optimal vacuum. The sturdy material will not be torn or punctured by sharp objects like bones. The professional film bags and film rolls are available in different sizes. CASO professional films are food-safe, reusable (dishwasher safe), boil-proof and suitable for the microwave. They are also ideal for sous vide cooking. New in the range are vacuum bags with a stand-up base, which are perfect for vacuuming liquids and voluminous quantities.


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CASO VRH 790 advanced Pro

Vacuum system
€ 229.99*

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Available again in july 2024.


CASO VacuChef 70

Chamber vacuum
€ 599.00*


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CASO FastVac 4000

Professional vacuum system
€ 429.00*


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Professional stand-up bag set, 25 bags

Structured bags for vacuuming
€ 19.99*


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CASO Professional foil set for vacuuming + sous vide cooking

for your vacuum sealer
€ 17.99*


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