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New: The easy way to keep food fresh for longer - with the DH 450


100% natural, tasty and healthy

Drying is an age-old way of keeping food fresh for longer. The new CASO Design “DH 450” food dehydrator is a modern version of this tried-and-tested method. Enabling you to create healthy snacks, tasty sweets and much more besides with no fuss or bother.

During drying, warm air at temperatures of up to 70 °C absorbs moisture from the food items. Once they are dry they can no longer go bad. The shelf life of fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs as well as meat and fish can be gently prolonged, using a natural method which requires no additives or preservatives. This also preserves vitamins and minerals. So you will always know what ingredients have been used - unlike shop-bought food items. Shop-bought dried fruit, for example, often contains artificial preservatives or is sulphurised. It is frequently also dried at temperatures which are too high, destroying the vitamin content.


Optimum conditions 

The perfect temperature and drying time depend on what you are drying. For example, tomatoes and courgettes need to be dried at around 60 °C, while 45°C is more than enough for mushrooms. Thanks to its adjustable temperature range from 30 to 70 °C (in 5 °C intervals), the DH 450 is flexible and versatile. The practical timer can be set from 0.5 to 48 hours (in 0.5 hour intervals). A temperature and time guide on the appliance lid helps users to select the correct setting for various food times. Perfect. With five stackable, height-adjustable drying racks, the new food dehydrator provides plenty of space and the opportunity to dry different food items simultaneously – for example sweet and sour fruits, savoury herbs and nutritious vegetables.The compact food dehydrator has a classic design and is also ideal for small kitchens. The base and cover are made from high-quality stainless steel, while a turning knob makes for easy temperature and time setting.


Good for taste and the climate

Buying regional and seasonal produce helps protect the environment. In addition to this, the food items usually taste better because they have had plenty of time to ripen. Drying is the perfect way to preserve fresh, ripe fruit and vegetables from your local region or own garden so that you can eat them out of season. Whether high-fibre dried fruit; healthy snacks and sweets for movie nights or when you are out and about; fruit leather or dried meat; tea or pet treats; whether sweet, sour or savoury, there are hardly any food items which cannot be preserved using a food dehydrator. The new CASO Design food dehydrator comes with two additional, reusable dehydration sheets for fruit leather or to prevent drips plus two silicone moulds to make muesli bars.




Caso DH 450

Food Dehydrator
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