CASO Steamer

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Working without a steam cooker or convector is almost unthinkable in the professional catering industry. CASO’s Steam Chef combines the advantages of gentle steam cooking with circulated air technology. Foods cook in the steam and retain valuable vitamins and minerals.

You control the cooking technology by means of the targeted temperature selection: Baking, simmering, cooking, grilling, gratinating, overcrusting, thawing or dehydrating. The temperature is kept constant meaning even thicker pieces can be cooked wonderfully well.

This steam cooker is also suitable in order to keep foods and to be able to serve at precisely the right temperature. A water connection is not required: The Steam Chef comes with a water tank on the rear that can be easily removed.

For instance, vegetables can be cooked wonderfully well using it. Different dishes can be prepared together. Simply place the dishes in the Steam Chef based on the cooking time required.