May 2023 ∣ Press release

New: The HW 1660 turbo hot water dispenser 


Save energy, time & water

The new CASO Design HW 1660 turbo hot water dispenser only heats the amount of water required by the user – in just a few seconds and to the desired temperature. This saves up to 50 percent energy, water and time in comparison to a conventional electric kettle. Seven temperatures (40 to 100 °C in 10°C intervals) and 7 amounts (100 to 400 ml in 50 ml intervals) can be selected. This is perfect for optimum preparation of tea in particular.

Tea connoisseurs know that different water temperatures are required for different kinds of tea to develop their perfect taste. For example, boiling water would destroy delicate green and white teas, which become bitter If they are brewed at too high a temperature. If the temperature is too low, then this prevents their aroma from developing fully. In other words, the correct temperature is required to achieve their special taste. To preserve the fine aromas of green and white teas, they are best prepared using 70° C water. The story for black, fruit and herbal teas is completely different. They should be brewed using 100° C water. In contrast, the optimum temperature for oolong tea to develop a perfect aroma is 90 to 95° C.


The perfect choice for all kinds of tea

The HW 1660 is perfect for all kinds of tea. The temperature range from 40 to 100°C in 10°C intervals enables the user to quickly and easily select the perfect water temperature for their tea. An additional benefit – no more annoying wait for the water to cool down. An inclusive water filter guarantees top water quality and the appliance’s long life, while a cup platform is ideal for small cups

Warm water is good for physival wellbeing

If you want to do boost your health, then drink a glass of warm water every morning. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) warm water has been used to purify the body for many centuries. It stimulates the metabolism and circulation and helps to break down and remove contaminants in the body. In addition to this, warm water promotes calorie consumption and alleviates cold symptoms; increases energy levels; enhances skin and can even relieve pain. Put in a nutshell, it improves wellbeing.


Ideal for home, the office and buffets

Whether for optimum preparation of tea; a glass of warm water or for hot drinks such as hot lemon, the HW 1660 delivers warm water as required, quickly and easily. With its extra large, removable four-litre tank, which is easy to fill and clean, the turbo hot water dispenser is also ideal for office kitchenettes and conference rooms as well as breakfast buffets. The HW 1660 has a high-end look, with an elegant stainless steel design and a touch operating display with white LED lighting, which is positioned on the front of the dispenser and is easy and intuitive to use.

CASO Design is a market leader not only in the hot water dispenser segment but also for mobile induction hobs; vacuum sealers and wine cabinets. With the HW 1660 the company is once again demonstrating its commitment to user convenience and sustainability.



HW 1660

Turbo Hot Water Dispenser
€ 159.99*


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