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Perfect eggs for singles and small households


New: Design "E3" egg cooker

The new E3 egg cooker from CASO Design can cook one, two or three eggs – perfect for a small or single household. The E3 also saves time, energy and water in comparison to boiling eggs in a saucepan.


Saves time, energy and water

Whether for a tasty breakfast, a quick and nutritious snack or a high-quality protein boost in salads - eggs are always cooked to perfection with the E3. Simply select the desired degree of hardness, pour in the water, place the eggs in, and off you go! The Design egg cooker quickly reaches boiling point and requires very little water because the eggs are cooked by the steam, not in the water. This has multiple advantages: steamed eggs are more tender than boiled ones and are also easier to peel. The egg shell doesn’t crack because steaming is gentler than boiling in water. You also save time and energy because less water is heated. An alarm sounds as soon as the eggs are ready and thanks to the removable egg holder, the eggs can then be quickly and easily quenched in cold water. The device turns off automatically.


Timer-controlled degree of hardness

To get your perfect egg, choose the degree of hardness from soft to hard using the variable control knob and the E3 will automatically control the timing. The further the control knob is turned to the right, the longer the cooking time and harder the egg. If the control knob is set to ‘very soft’, for example, the cooking time is 6 minutes, while the maximum cooking time to achieve hard eggs is 15 minutes.

Space-saving Design 

The E3 has a high-quality stainless steel casing and a transparent, removable lid with handle. Thanks to its slender design, the deluxe egg cooker takes up next to no space and looks great in any kitchen. Includes a measuring cup with integrated egg piercer.




Electronic Egg Boiler
€ 29.99*


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