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The crowning glory for fine beans: Design coffee grinder BaristaChef Inox

Enjoy the full taste of freshly ground coffee from the new BaristaChef Inox coffee grinder from CASO Design

Freshly ground for full enjoyment

Freshly ground coffee is not only healthier, it also simply tastes better. With the new BaristaChef Inox coffee grinder from CASO Design, the beans are ground gently and just the way you want them - for complete enjoyment.

If you really want to enjoy coffee, grind the beans yourself directly before brewing. This is because just a few minutes after grinding, around 30 percent of the valuable aromas are lost - and with them the perfect taste experience. In addition, healthy ingredients are released through contact with the air. These include, for example, magnesium and potassium as well as antioxidants, which protect the body from free radicals and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, among other things. They are protected in the bean. Reasons enough to always grind the beans fresh.

The new BaristaChef Inox coffee grinder is ideal for perfect results: the high-quality and durable stainless steel cone grinder grinds the beans at a grinding speed of 450 rpm. This reduces heat development so that aromas and ingredients are preserved.


High-quality stainless steel cone grinder

Optimal grind for all specialty coffees

The grind is also decisive for the taste of the coffee: if it is too fine, the coffee quickly becomes bitter or too strong - if it is too coarse, the coffee becomes watery and tastes sour. The BaristaChef Inox design coffee grinder offers 48 precise grind levels for every type of preparation and coffee specialty - from extra fine espresso powder to coarser French press powder. The degree of grinding can be adjusted via the grinding ring depending on the preparation method and personal preferences. Individual dosing is possible via the "cup quantities" function (up to 12 cups), via the timer (up to 40 seconds) and manually for portafilters - just as you wish. The BaristaChef Inox collects the ground coffee in the aroma-proof container, which is equipped with innovative anti-static technology so that the coffee powder does not stick to the surfaces. Alternatively, the modular portafilter holder can be used for espresso and portafilter machines, for example.


The desired grinding degree can be set using the grinding degree ring.


A real dream team: BaristaChef Inox & Espresso Gourmet

Once the beans have been freshly ground, the only thing missing is the right machine to prepare the perfect coffee. The new Espresso Gourmet portafilter machine is the perfect match for the BaristaChef Inox. It also gets the best out of the (ground) beans and offers barista-style coffee - for complete enjoyment and perfect feel-good moments.


A perfect match for the BaristaChef Inox: the Espresso Gourmet design portafilter machine.




CASO BaristaChef Inox

Coffee grinder with collection container and portafilter holder
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CASO Espresso Gourmet

Design espresso machine
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