Every cup a pleasure: The new CASO Design Aroma Sense coffee maker provides all the requirements for preparing the perfect coffee - with the Aroma-TripleBrew. The perfect triad of temperature, time, and infusion in the brewing process creates an extraordinary coffee experience. The "Aroma Sense" has been awarded with the ECBC (European Coffee Brewing Centre) seal of approval - an independent testing authority that tests coffee brewing equipment according to the Gold Cup Standard.

The right temperature determines the intense and well rounded taste of the coffee. With an ideal brewing temperature of 92 - 96 °C, the "Aroma Sense" enables perfect extraction of the aromas and a reduction of bitter components.


Full aroma development

A too high brewing temperature causes bitter substances to dissolve from the coffee powder and gives the coffee a too strong, bitter taste. If the brewing temperature is too low, not enough aroma substances are extracted from the coffee powder - the coffee becomes too weak and tastes sour. The "Aroma Sense" from CASO Design has exactly the right brewing temperature to get the best out of the coffee. The result: Coffee just like from a barista.

Perfect enjoyment

In addition to the optimal brewing temperature, the 9-hole brewing arm ensures that the coffee powder is perfectly wetted, so that the coffee tastes aromatic and like it was brewed by hand.As the brewing time is also important in preparing the perfect coffee, the drip rate can be adjusted infinitely via the aroma regulator.Another special feature of the design coffee machine is the aroma rod, through which the coffee passes from the bottom into the coffee pot, so that the coffee can circulate evenly in the pot. This ensures a harmonious development of the aromas and the perfect coffee enjoyment.


Practical: Timer and „Single Cup“

The timer function also allows the machine to be started at a later time. And if you suddenly feel like a coffee and can't wait to enjoy it, you can also take it out during the brewing process thanks to the manual drip stop. With the large water tank (1.25 liters), you can prepare up to ten cups of coffee - or just one cup, directly into the coffee cup or "to go" cup, using the "Single Cup" function.

By the way: The "Aroma Sense" is equipped with a permanent filter made of titanium-coated stainless steel, which is reusable, durable and taste-neutral. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also saves time, as the purchase of paper filters is no longer an issue.



CASO Aroma Sense

Design coffee maker
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