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Crispy, juicy, delicious: AirFry & Steam 700 makes steam


3in1: Combination air fryer with steam cooking function

With the new AirFry & Steam 700 steam deep fryer from CASO Design, you can steam-cook in addition to energy-saving and fast baking - perfect for preparing vegetables or fish gently and with maximum taste, for example. Valuable vitamins and nutrients are retained.

Crispy asparagus, broccoli and co. are cooked to perfection, as is fish. The food is cooked particularly gently and evenly and remains very juicy - similar to a combi-steamer in a restaurant. Many vitamins and nutrients are retained that would be lost during cooking. The result: intense flavor and perfect enjoyment.


Whether hot air, steam cooking or both: with the AirFry & Steam 700 you can prepare all types of food in a delicious, healthy and low-fat way.


Healthy enjoyment

The AirFry & Steam 700 offers 3in1: AirFryer, steam function and both in combination. Whether AirFry, baking or grilling, reheating or keeping warm, steam cooking or baking with steam - ten pre-set programs are available so that all dishes can be prepared deliciously yet healthily and with little fat. Thanks to the steam cooking technology, the AirFry & Steam 700 offers numerous additional options: For example, rice can also be cooked to perfection, bread and rolls can be baked to be particularly delicious or gnocchi and dumplings can be prepared to perfection. Practical: The viewing window with switchable interior lighting allows you to keep an eye on the cooking progress at all times.

Saves time & energy

With an extra-large basket volume of seven liters, even large portions in the Design hot air fryer. So you can for example, a whole roast chicken or up to 1.3 kilos of fries can be can be prepared. Thanks to Even PowerConvection, the heat is evenly evenly distributed throughout the cooking chamber. Also in terms of speed The AirFry & Steam 700 also impresses in terms of speed: thanks to Rapid HeatControl, it isready to start immediately, heating up is not necessary and the cooking time is cooking time is also reduced. This saves time and up to 50 % energy.

Intuitive operation and easy cleaning

The high-quality design combi hot-air fryer with steam cooking function is very easy to operate using the sensor touch panel. Cleaning is also cleaning is also very simple: the basket and grid as well as the removable water collection tray are dishwasher-safe.


Steam cooking is the gentlest cooking method and is very easy with the AirFry & Steam 700. The water tank holds approx. 1.5 liters - enough for around 90 minutes at 100 °C in the steam function.

Recipe tips

Salmon: Steam & Bake function - steam for 15 minutes at approx. 130 °C
Vegetables with feta: Steam & Bake function - steam broccoli, cauliflower and carrots (cut into equal pieces) for 20 min. at 130 °C; Air Fry function: bake the cheese for 5 min. at 180 °C
Gnocchi or Schupfnudeln: Steam & Bake function - steam for 8 min. at 180 °C
Dumplings & gyosas: Steam function - approx. 6 min. at 100 °C (longer depending on size)
Frozen baked rolls: Air Fry function - bake for 5 min. at 160 °C



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CASO AirFry & Steam 700

Combi air fryer with steam cooking function
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