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AF 660 Duplex: Twice as many options thanks to dividing wall


100 % taste, 0 % fat

The new AF 660 Duplex XL air fryer from CASO Design makes it possible to prepare perfect french fries, fish, vegetables, pastries and much more besides, all without using oil. And the AF 660 Duplex can do even more. The removable dividing wall means that different items can be cooked simultaneously. At just 43 decibels the air fryer is also extra quiet.


Juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside

With an extra large, six litre basket there is also room for large portions, such as a whole grilled chicken or up to 1.2 kg french fries. The frying basket, which works like a convection oven, can also be used to prepare part-baked rolls. Thanks to Even PowerConvection technology, heat is evenly distributed throughout the cooking chamber. The AF 660 Duplex also impresses with its speed. Rapid HeatControl technology ensures that it is immediately ready for use; no warming up is required and cooking times are also shorter. This saves time and up to 50 % energy.
The high-quality air fryer is exceptionally quiet and has 12 automatic programmes which can be selected directly, among other things for steak, french fries, vegetables or snacks.

The temperature is individually adjustable from 50 to 200°C in 5°C increments (40 to 70°C for the ‘Dehydrate’ programme). This allows you to prepare healthy, low-fat meals. In addition to this, the shake reminder guarantees particularly even, extra crispy results. It is a great feature for large quantities of food or items in several layers, such as french fries, which require the basket to be shaken between 1 and 3 times during the cooking process, depending on the quantity and cooking time. The shake reminder tells you when food must be shaken or turned and can be manually activated for all programmes (with a minimum cooking time of 11 minutes).


Intuitive operation and cool-touch handle

The AF 660 Duplex has intuitive sensor touch controls and a timer which can be set from 1 to 60 minutes – or 1 to 480 minutes for the ‘Dehydrate’ programme –and gives an acoustic signal when the time is up. Food can be safely removed from the air fryer thanks to the cool touch handle and nonslip feet. The removable frying basket and dishwasher-proof accessories ensure that it is also easy to clean.



CASO AF 660 Duplex

Design Air Fryer with duplex-divide
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