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Solo microwaves

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Microwaves with grill

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Microwaves with convection and grill

Microwave with ceramic bottom

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Microwaves inverter

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Built-in microwaves

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Professional microwaves

Open the door, put the soup in, close the door and off you go!

Microwaves have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Whether you want to defrost something, prepare a ready meal or just heat something, with the microwaves from CASO Design you are optimally equipped.

Who doesn't know it? You are on the road all day, do things and are only at home in the evening and have no time to cook something. How good that you still have food from the day before.

In a flash and uncomplicated, you place your plate with the food in the microwave, set the power (wattage) + duration and a short time later you have your hot food on the table.

Your constant companion, always ready for use. The devices are available with different power, cooking chamber sizes and functions. You can use them for heating, grilling and even baking. Whether for home or commercial use, with CASO Design you'll always be on the safe side and in style!

Which microwave is right for me?

First of all, you should think about what you want to do with the appliance in the future.

If you only want to heat or defrost something every now and then, a simple solo microwave is sufficient. If you also want to grill something with the microwave, then a 2-in-1 microwave with integrated grill function would be the right choice for you. That's not enough for you and you also want to have an integrated convection function, for example, to bake rolls for breakfast? That's no problem either! For this purpose, we have the 3-in-1 microwaves with grill and convection function. 

Some of our appliances have a ceramic bottom, which means that the classic turntable is no longer needed!

What advantage do I actually have with a ceramic bottom?

The ceramic bottom with microwave reflector ensures an even distribution of the microwaves, which results in perfect cooking from all sides.

However, if you are in business, we have a solution for that as well. With our professional appliances you have an extra large cooking chamber, in which even whole casseroles can be placed, always with ceramic bottom for perfect cooking results. 

If you are interested in built-in microwaves, you will not have to look far!

The built-in appliances from CASO Design offer you space-saving solutions for your kitchen.

Are you looking for the latest technology?

Our inverter microwaves offer you exactly that! But what does "inverter" actually mean?

Inverter technology regulates the power of the microwave constantly, i.e. linearly. This makes it possible to heat the food more evenly and gently. This preserves the flavor of the food best. Microwave ovens with inverter technology allow multiple heat levels and maintain a desired temperature. And this is gentle on the food to be heated, as you can choose wattage levels that are individually tailored to it.


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