Warm for the heart - with CASO Design into the cold season!

Conscious use of water as a resource

Cold season, hot drinks - autumn is just around the corner and your popular hot drinks are waiting to be prepared in the upcoming autumn / winter. In addition to the soothing warmth for body and soul, preparation and enjoyment are decisive factors. This is where CASO Design comes into play and offers in the area of hot water dispenser and water heater a small but fine selection of innovative kitchen appliances to get the start into the colder season in the best possible way!

Hot water dispenser

Temperature regulation individually at the push of a button

Conscious use of water - exactly what CASO Design set itself the goal of when the first hot water dispenser with individual temperature settings was introduced. The possibility of only getting as much heated water as required at the push of a button creates significant added value in everyday life. The temperature can be specifically selected using the soft-touch display. In addition to tea, it should also be able to prepare baby food or instant meals / drinks without any problems. Wherever hot water flows, safety is also a very important factor for which CASO Design hot water dispensers can withstand. An automatic lock function allows only conscious use and thus prevents unwanted use by children.

CASO HW 400 Turbo hot water dispenser
€ 89.99*
CASO HW 660 Turbo hot water dispenser
€ 129.99*

Water heater

Simple operation in a noble design

Hot water in the shortest possible time - Especially for those who want to heat up larger amounts of water with just one click, one of the proven  CASO Design kettles is just the thing! With the high-quality design made of stainless steel and individual small highlights, an ordinary kettle becomes an innovative addition to everyday kitchen life. Ease of use is essential here. The individual temperature control in 10 ° C increments also enhances the kettle and makes the preparation of baby food or green tea very easy. The exchangeable limescale filter at the outlet is another highlight in terms of durability. If you also value a very special design, the CASO Design Coffee Classic Kettle is just the thing for you. 

CASO WK2100 compact Design kettle
€ 59.99*
CASO Coffee Classic Kettle Electric Water Kettle
€ 69.99*
CASO WK Cool-Touch Design kettle - Cool-Touch housing
€ 89.99*
CASO WK 2200 Design stainless steel water kettle
€ 69.99*