May 2023 ∣ Press release

NEW: CASO Design Slow Juicer „SJW 300“ 


CASO Design’s new Design Slow Juicer SJW 300 gently juices fruit, vegetables and even herbs at a rotation speed of only 60 RPM. The slowly rotating auger reduces the development of heat to preserve precious vitamins, enzymes, trace elements and minerals.


More juice, more vitamins, more taste

Slow juicing produces up to 30 percent more juice than standard centrifugal juicers. The powerful 300-watt Design Slow Juicer extracts the very best from fruit and vegetables and is suitable for both soft and fibrous produce. The end result is a fresh, rich and consistent juice that is not only aromatic and tastes delicious, but also rich in vitamins and nutrients. In addition to the juice filter, to enable further versatile application options the SJW 300 also comes with a sorbet filter. Use the sorbet filter to make quick refreshing sorbets tailored to your own individual taste. Simply feed your favourite frozen fruits through the sorbet filter and hey presto: a superbly fresh sorbet with no additives.

Whole fruits

An extremely practical feature of the Design Slow Juicer is the large feeder chute with a 75 mm diameter to handle whole fruits, such as apples. Accordingly, peeling and pre-cutting is no longer necessary. The SJW 300 is also ideal for juicing ginger and vegetables such as celery, broccoli or spinach. Collected in a 0.7-litre container, the residual marc left after juicing can be used later as a soup or salad ingredient. The pressed juice flows into another container or directly into a glass. Boasting a premium matt-silver coating, the slender Design Slow Juicer is ready to use in an instant thanks to its simple assembly. The included cleaning brush and removable components also make cleaning quick and easy.




Design Slow Juicer
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Design Slow Juicer
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