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Whether a light white wine on the terrace on a balmy summer night or a full-bodied red wine by the crackling fireplace - true wine lovers ar up for a good drop at any time of the year. CASO Design ensures with various products that wine lovers can get the best out of their favorite wine.

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CASO Wine coolers - Taste is a matter of temperature.

True wine lovers want to get the most out of their fine wines at all times. Since the special character of a wine fully develops during storage and since the full aroma only comes into its own at the right temperature, more and more passionate wine connoisseurs are treating themselves with a wine cooler for their stock.

Therefore CASO Design offers a wide range of wine coolers - for up to 215 bottles and suitable for every budget. Wine lovers can choose between a free-standing wine cabinet, which attracts all eyes as a unique style element of a room, or a model that can be built under. These, for example, can be harmoniously integrated into the kitchen unit and find a place under any countertop. In addition, there is a range of smaller built-in wine coolers that can be elegantly and simply integrated into the kitchen front and also stand out as an unusual design element.

Depending on the model, the wine coolers have one or two separate cooling zones, the temperature can be adjusted individually for red or white wine from 5 to 20 degrees. This creates an optimal long-term climate for the most special wines. Active fans per temperature zone ensuring a very even temperature per zone. The best conditions for the wine to develop it´s own individual character!

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CASO Control App - Smart control from almost everywhere.

Extremely practical: Many wine coolers from CASO Design can also be controlled on the go by using the CASO Control app. This means that various functions can be easily controlled at any time and practically from anywhere via smartphone or tablet, e.g. the temperature regulation of the cooling zones and the setting of the light. The app also sends possible error messages directly to the connected end device.

The CASO Control App is "Made in Germany" and was developed by CASO Design itself. Through this in-house implementation, CASO ensures that the app will also be compatible with future generations of operating systems and mobile devices. At the same time, CASO Design can guarantee the security of the respective data and continuously develop the app with additional functions.

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CASO Barbecue Cooler - Cool drinks always nearby.

Well chilled and always handy to reach drinks can be found in the CASO Barbecue Cooler. The temperature is adjustable between 5-20°C. The stainless steel Barbecue Cooler is available in silver or black. Due to its compact design, the Cooler can be for example ideally integrated into a roofed outdoor kitchen. For an optimal air circulation, the cooler needs a free space of at least 15 cm to all sides.

In the "Counter & Cool" version, the Barbecue Cooler is integrated into a stainless steel trolley with side shelves and drawers. This allows the Barbecue Cooler to be moved to any location where it is needed. Only a socket must be available. On the additional work surface you can also perfectly mix cocktails or prepare quickly a few barbecue skewers.  Bottle openers, barbecue utensils and other utensils quickly find a place in the self-closing drawer.

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CASO Bottle Coolers - Perfectly chilled wine for hours.

A cozy evening with good friends and a perfectly chilled glass of wine: With the bottle cooler "WineCase One" from CASO Design, the pre-cooled wine is kept at the optimal drinking temperature directly by the table. At the same time, your favorite wine is perfectly staged.The temperature can be set between 5-18°C in 1°C steps via sensor-touch control panel. Even red wine is kept at an optimal drinking temperature between 15-18°C at higher outside temperatures. Alternatively, sparkling wine, champagne, soda & co. also find a place in the CASO WineCase One. The device is available with a stainless steel housing in silver or black.  

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CASO WineLock - Keeps opened wine bottles fresh.

A romantic dinner, candlelight, gentle music - a good wine shouldn't be missing. But what to do if the bottle is not completely empty at the end of the evening? Particularly white wine quickly loses its aroma if even a tiny bit of oxygen is able to penetrate the bottle. With the CASO WineLock, opened wine bottles can be kept fresh for a long time. Simply place one of the aroma seals, offered in a pack of three, on the neck of the bottle and use the Vacu OneTouch handheld vacuum maker for a few seconds - until the air is out! The bottle is now safely sealed under vacuum and the wine keeps its special aromas for many days and sometimes even for weeks. You are able to open the bottle several times and the wine will still tastes as if it has been freshly uncorked. This makes connoisseurs' hearts definately beats faster.

Oil, vinegar or juices can also be sealed airtight in this way. The CASO WineLocks are dishwasher-safe and fit all bottle necks with an inner diameter of 16 to 19 millimeters. They can also be used with vacuum sealers with a hose connection and matching adapter.

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