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Health, fresh and vital

CASO’s PowerMixer is the ideal companion for a vital and active life. Using PowerBlenders, you can prepare delicious, nutrient and vitamin-rich drinks or smoothies in no time at all. People who have a healthy diet feel better and are also rarely ill. Boost your health!

A strong power pack

Up to 30,000 revolutions per minute ensure the complete processing of all the ingredients. All manner of drinks or smoothies are perfectly prepared in this manner. Green smoothies in particular must be mixed at high power levels, so you can savour the full taste and attain the maximum health benefits.

More revolutions for more vitality

The high number of revolutions ensures that the fibres of the green plants or herbs are processed with the requisite consistency. Only at speeds of in excess of 25,000 RPM are the cellulose walls of the plant cells broken down and the vital substances for your diet meaning the bioavailability of the nutrients is increased accordingly.

High-end processing

All components are processed to very high standards, are very robust and made of high quality materials. The high design and product quality underlines our principle of: The best levels of product and operating convenience for the customer!