• High-quality CASO Design Sous Vide set consisting of the Sous Vide Garer SV 300 and the vacuum cleaner GourmetVac 180
  • SousVide cooker with simple handle for flexible sousvide cooking of star level quality
  • The Sous Vide cooking method virtually eliminates overcooking and loss of taste and nutrients.
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CASO Sous Vide Set

Set vacuum system & Sous Vide cooker


  • Features GourmetVAC 180:
  • Secure vacuuming with double weld seam
  • Functional, flat design for very quiet working
  • Weld seam of max. 30 cm for any length, ideal for fish and meat
  • Easy to clean thanks to removable vacuum chamber
  • Vacuum regulation: use the stop button to regulate the vacuum strength
  • Piston pump (9L / min) and powerful motor
  • Patented locking handle for simple sealing
  • Electronic temperature monitoring
  • Varied functions: manual welding, automated vacuuming and welding
  • incl. 10 bags 20 x 30 cm
  • Features Sous Vide Cooker SV 300:
  • Sous Vide cooker with simple handle for flexible Sous Vide cooking of star level quality
  • Simple and quick attachment due to the practical handle
  • Appliance is completely water-resistant according to IPX7 standard
  • Suitbale for virtually all heat-resistant vessels
  • Pot height at least 12 cm
  • Timer function: Can be set for running times of up to 99 hours
  • Rapid heading of water, up to 90 °C in 0,5 °C increments individually adjustable
  • Heats up to 15 litres to precisely within 0,5 °C (depending on the isolation of the container)
  • Simple operation through a combination of sensor-touch control and rotary control
  • Spacesaving storage

Information about CASO GourmetVAC 180

Information about CASO Sous Vide Stick SV 300


Item no:
Dimensions GourmetVac 180:
400x90x180 mm
Weight GourmetVac 180:
1,8 kg
Voltage GourmetVac 180:
220-240 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions SV300:
80x400x105 mm
Weight SV300:
1,7 kg
Voltage SV300:
220-240 V, 50/60 Hz